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Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars (and Strictly Ballroom , and Come Dancing ...) - Strictly Come Dancing (often abbreviated to 'Strictly') is the famous 'celebrity' dance competition BBC TV show. In the early 2000s, the Strictly Come Dancing show transcended globally the popularity of all other 'reality' and 'celebrity' competition shows, and in certain years has been globally the most popular TV programme of any genre. This is a clear and astonishing illustration of the popularity of dancing - interestingly Ballroom and Latin dance styles - as an audience entertainment. Strictly Come Dancing launched on BBC1 (UK) 15 May 2004, and soon became one of the UK's most popular TV shows. Dancing With The Stars (often abbreviated to DWTS) is the international name for many licensed versions of the 'Strictly Come Dancing' show, produced and shown in over 40 other countries, notably USA, China, India, Russia, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, Indonesia, and Pakistan. The 'Strictly Come Dancing' dance show is produced with different names in other countries, such as Germany, Spain, Brazil, Poland, Romania, France, Italy, Israel, and Mexico. International versions vary in format. In 2006 and 2007 the 'Strictly Come Dancing' dance show in its different international versions (mainly Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars) became the most popular TV program globally, and the show was in the top ten TV programs in 17 countries. The TV show format is a ballroom dance competition between dance pairings. Each pairing is a professional dancer (males and females, world-champion standard) and celebrity (males and females, drawn from sport, media, politics, entertainment, music, etc). The early UK seasons/series of shows featured 8-10 pairings, soon increasing to 15 or 16 pairings as the popularity and funding and production extravagance of the show grew quickly. Each pairing learns a different ballroom dance each week, choreographed by the respective professional dance partner. Each professional dancer is responsible for teaching his/her celebrity partner, and the choreography. Many couples form intense relationships, and despite the show's light entertainment approach, some genuine touching stories of human motivation and personal growth emerge, offering further proof of the powerful effects of dance, even on celebrity contestants who have never danced seriously, and do not expect to be affected at all. Production treatment varies internationally, not least because cultures do too, but internationally by any assessment, the 'Strictly' dance show is an completely unprecedented entertainment phenomenon. Each week (commonly Saturday nights) the show features the pairs dancing to a live dance band, in front of a live audience (each dance is about 90 seconds). Blended with and between the actual dancing performances is film footage of each couple's practising during the week 'on location', often to a theme, plus comments and reactions from the celebrities - rather oddly scripted, perhaps to appeal to extremely young children as well as adults - as they struggle with and/or relish the challenges of the dance style and choreography, or ride donkeys on a beach, or dress as clowns in a circus. This is not a universally popular part of the show, and deters many dance enthusiasts from watching the show, but it is perhaps necessary to keep astronomical production costs to a justifiable level. During the show performances a panel of (typically) four dance-expert judges award points for each dance. The judges also offer criticism and/or plaudits to the celebrities. The judges' scores and comments have little influence on the ensuing public voting. One couple is eliminated weekly from the show (commonly Sunday nights), from a shortlist of the two pairs polling the lowest public votes by TV audience phone/online voting, and ultimately by the panel of judges, after a 'dance-off' between the two pairings. Public voting is not always based on dance ability and performance - instead often on personality and popularity or novelty - although the judges do apply genuinely expert objective assessment, and generally the best dancer wins the competition at the end of each season/series, which happens in the final show, when all but two or three couples have been eliminated. The name of the original BBC 'Strictly Come Dancing' version of the TV show was derived as a combination and reference to BBC TV's serious 1960s ballroom dance show 'Come Dancing', and more meaningfully to an Australian comedy-drama about ballroom dancing - a 1984 play and later the popular 1992 film, both directed by Baz Luhrmann, called 'Strictly Ballroom'. The play/film 'Strictly Ballroom' provides another wonderful illustration of how dance and its development relates to life: 'Strictly Ballroom' tells a story about a small dance school and its human history, its politics and passions. Central to the story, the leading male character Scott Hastings (played by Paul Mercurio) dares to innovate new interpretations of dance that are 'not strictly ballroom' in striving for greatness and becoming a dance champion. Specifically he is inspired by his novice Spanish partner Fran (played by Tara Morice), and her family, to incorporate traditional Paso Doble movements into their choreographed routine. It is appropriate that the 'Strictly Ballroom' play/film - which is the origin of the 'Strictly' term that is now synonymous with dance all around the world - so poignantly and aptly reflects the relevance of dance to life, and life to dance.

Watch Queens Destiny Of Dance English Subtitles Online



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