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Matures On Red Tube =LINK=

R. 'Jubilant' (Fig. 3) takes on a beautiful, arching habit as it matures. It has brilliant,single, red, 2-inch flowers, which appear in the first week of May (early midseason). Afterapproximately 20 years, 'Jubilant' grows up to 8 feet, becoming more and more attractive as itsbranches become increasingly arched. Morrison described the shrub to be robust, dense and erect.

matures on red tube

One of the unique characteristics of certain Glenn Dale azaleas is their two-toned coloration. R.'Red Hussar' (Fig. 6) has deep purplish pink to vivid purplish red, single flowers in late April,but the base of each flower tube is salmon red, which contrasts wonderfully with the rest of theflower color. Growing up to 6 feet in 20 years, it maintains a desirable form with densely archingbranches.

Another Glenn Dale known by collectors for having two-toned flowers is R. 'Dauntless' (Fig. 7).Its single flowers are deep purplish red with the base of each flower tube a bright scarlet,similar to the tiny-flowered R. 'Amoenum'. Blooming midseason, it matures into an attractive,broad-spreading form. The new foliage is nearly chartreuse in the spring, but it fades to amedium green the rest of the summer. In perfect contrast with its lime green foliage, itsunique color is so beautiful that it seems to glow or vibrate. It appears as a darker purple thanalmost any other azalea in bloom at that time. 041b061a72


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