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[S2E19] The Story On Page One

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[S2E19] The Story on Page One

The storyboard artists had professional wrestler Hulk Hogan in mind when posing Iron Will,[2] who uses hand gestures that mimic Hogan's signature taunts. One of the layout artists for the show added several "easter eggs" to the marketplace scene, which were not storyboarded. These include brief appearances by Pipsqueak, Sweetie Drops, and Lyra Heartstrings.[3]

Elijah continues to tell Elena the story of his family, and he reveals her that the curse of the sun and the moon is fake. Klaus and Elijah made that curse up, but there is another curse that is worse and it is on Klaus. That is the curse Klaus wants to break. At the same time, Alaric/Klaus tells Jenna about vampires but Jenna does not believe him. When she attempts to leave, Klaus tries to stop her, and Stefan attacks Klaus, giving Jenna the opportunity to escape. Stefan calls Elena to let her know that Jenna knows the truth, and Elena leaves Elijah to go to Jenna. In a flashback, we see that Elijah was in love with Katherine back in 1492.

With plenty of time on his hands, Savage has built himself a luxurious multi-story mansion in the ruins of Metropolis, with a large garden and plenty of technological amenities. He passes his time reading self-help books, working on various inventions, or on hobbies such as restoring other parts of the city. One of them includes a spaceship that he intended to use to explore the universe, but later chose not to as penance for his previous misdeeds. He treats Superman to a home-cooked meal and invites him to stay. Wandering around the mansion one night, Superman finds a time machine.[1] He wakes Savage and asks why he did not finish it. Savage explains there would be no point, as the machine would not allow him to travel back to any time where he was already alive. Superman points out that he can since he's 'dead', having been removed from the time period entirely and can stop Savage's destruction of the Earth.

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After getting profoundly high on an unusually potent self-grown marijuana hybrid called "Brown Betty", Walter Bishop makes up a detective story to entertain Olivia Dunham's niece Ella Blake, while Olivia tries to track down the missing Peter Bishop. In the story, Rachel (Ella's mother) asks Olivia, who is a private investigator, to track down Peter, her true love. Olivia uncovers a plot involving an artificial heart, which Peter has apparently stolen. Olivia discovers that Rachel has been murdered and is actually an actress hired by Walter to find Peter, his lab assistant (not his son in the story). Walter explains that he has invented all of the good things in the world: bubblegum, hugs, and singing corpses (three corpses rise up and sing briefly). Peter has apparently stolen the heart from Walter, who is now living off batteries implanted in his chest. Olivia is attacked by the Observer, who tells her to stay away.

With the story over, Astrid escorts Walter home. The Observer watches Walter entering his home and makes a phone call stating that Walter forgot about the warning he gave him. He then replies to the person at the other end of the line: "Yes, I am concerned too".

Back at the Archibald's, Dan and Vanessa tell Nate that they really think he should go to the family reunion. Vanessa reminds Nate of the fun times he had with his cousins growing up and how much he loved his grandfather, then says that he shouldn't act like he doesn't care. At the gallery, Lily goes to see Rufus to confront him about dating Bex. He admits that they went on a few dates but she was never his girlfriend. He remarks that he never asked her to make a list of people she's dated and she blurts out that she would be happy to do so. She suggests they each make a list of people they dated and they can share that night at dinner. Meanwhile, Nate, Dan, and Vanessa arrive at Nate's grandfather, William van der Bilt's, house. However, William arrives in a helicopter and Tripp lets it slip that William isn't aware that he's coming. William gets off the plane and spots Nate right away. He approaches and tells Nate that he is delighted he came before giving him a hug and escorting the family into the house. At the Waldorf's, Chuck goes to see Blair only to find her with Carter. Chuck tells him to tell her about the Elle thing, but Carter simply says he led her to cash which she took without giving Chuck a second thought. Blair adds that Carter is no worse than Chuck, but he yells that's he's trying to help her. She says that he wasn't much help when her life was going up in flames so she would rather take Carter's help. Chuck then leaves. Meanwhile, William gives Dan and Vanessa a tour of his mansion while explaining the van der Bilt history to them. He then asks Nate what his plans are for after high school, and Nate admits that he's waiting to hear back from colleges but applications were due at the time things were going down with his father. William replies that he handled that situation admirably and he is very proud of him for how he got Howard to step up and for how he helped Anne. As William is reminding him that he's a part of their family legacy too, Tripp comes in and invites them all to play some touch football.

Jesse and maybe even Wally getting their powers may lie with Barry getting his powers back. Harrison Wells wants to create another particle accelerator to recreate the accident that turned Barry into the Flash in the first place. Apparently, that's going to be the central story of next week's episode. Let's see if they can do this without creating a whole slew of new metahumans who the Flash has to fight.

In an episode that feels like 90% filler, it's clear that having the second season of The Flash go over 20 episodes isn't working for them. This season could easily be tightened up and work well with 13 episodes. The show tries to deliver a season-long storyline while trying to give a "villain of the week" story as well. They're adding so much to each episode, but at the same time, it feels like the past two episodes haven't delivered much.

Probably the most frustrating thing about this week's episode, aside from still trying to piece together the "time remnants" explanation from last week, is that the viewer knows nothing more about the man in the mask that Zoom has captive. The camera cuts to him a few times, but there's no new information. With how long this has been sitting out in the open, it's extremely frustrating to have nothing progress for that story.

There were some better moments of the episode though. Fans of the comic book may have been pretty excited to see Griffin Grey in the episode. He's a relatively new character in the world of Flash, debuting in 2006. It was a bit of a bummer to see the character appear dead at the end though, as his story in the comics could provide for a great episode.

This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. This includes the story for unaired episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, as it's based on the first campaign of Critical Role from 2015-2017.

Coulson comes face to face with Gonzales on the Bus. Coulson thinks the two of them to work together to stop Hydra's experiments on Gifteds. Hydra currently holds Agent Peterson as their prisoner at one of their bases in the Arctic Circle, and Coulson wants to launch a mission to rescue him. Gonzales at first doesn't trust him, but agrees to put Coulson's plan to a vote once he offers to open Fury's toolbox for him to use. The Bus arrives at The Playground with the quinjet carrying Fitz, Hunter, Ward, and Agent 33. Bobbi Morse, May, and the rest of Gonzales' men are incredibly nervous around Ward, and Bobbi puts a team of agents on him at all times. Fitz, now reunited with Simmons, tells her of how Hunter had to hold him back when he attacked Ward on the plane, embellishing the story. Simmons responds with her own method of getting back at Ward - splinter bombs. Unlike Fitz, Simmons wasn't joking. Meanwhile, Gonzales takes Coulson, Morse, and May to his office and brings up video feed from Agents Weaver and Oliver. Gonzales puts Coulson's plan in front of them. He and Agent Morse want to go along with it, but Weaver and Oliver shoot it down. May, with the deciding vote, agrees to Coulson's plan after talking to him in private.

In the Press Room, C.J. is deflecting questions about the quote that has Toby in a mood -- a senior White House Official is quoted saying the President is willing to compromise on school vouchers. C.J. moves on to relate the story of an oil tanker that has run aground off Delaware. Sam overhears C.J. on the TV in his office and realizes it is one of the ships that he was helping a company to buy when Josh came to get him to work on the campaign.

Outside the Oval Office, Charlie is filling out forms for his application to Georgetown. He realizes that the health form asks about the medical history of one's parents. He asks Margaret to see Leo right away and to tell him that "it's about an old friend from home" -- a code phrase that indicates an emergency.

Charlie states that because Zoey was under 18 when she started college, she would have needed a parent's signature on her medical history form. However, in early season 1 Bartlet himself states that Zoey is 19 years old, and she hasn't yet started college. Therefore, she would have had to fill out her medical history form over a year in advance for her to need a parent's signature.

Booth and Brennan, accompanied by the forensic team, scope out the plane. At the hangar, they are faced by Nina Sanborn, Howards' boss, who demands ID. After an unpleasant conversation about Col. Howard's work, Booth produces a warrant for his documents. What he receives are pages of work with several lines and paragraphs blacked out for confidentiality. He calls in Hodgins to help him fill in the blanks with his "paranoid ravings". Hodgins asks Booth's advice on proposing to someone, presumably Angela. Hodgins also tells Booth that Howards' replacement to "repair" a telescope in space will be able to provide him with some answers. 041b061a72


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