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New Jeans

The group's name, NewJeans, is a double entendre.[2] It alludes to the idea that jeans are a timeless fashion item and the group's intention to carve a timeless image for themselves.[3] The name is also a word play on the phrase "new genes", referring to the group ushering a new generation of pop music.[4][5]

New Jeans


Finding comfortable, high-quality jeans can be a lot more challenging than it should be, so when you find that fabulous pair you love so much, you'll want to do everything you can to care for them properly.

Getting a fresh new pair of jeans is exciting, and we can't blame you for wanting to wear them immediately after bringing them home. However, Mary Gagliardi, Dr. Laundry and Clorox cleaning expert told INSIDER that "this is the biggest mistake" people make with denim in general.

Few of us are likely to separate our denim from other garments, but in those early days, Gagliardi said that this is a mistake. "The first time you wash a brand new pair of blue jeans, wash them separately. Of course, denim varies from brand to brand, but in general, new denim can lose a lot of color into the wash water. Washing them separately means no risk of dye transfer to other items, especially dark items with some other color like a striped shirt, in the load."

As denim is typically sturdy and forgiving of common stains, some people admittedly never wash their jeans. Gagliardi told INSIDER that this is fine, but you may experience color loss as the jeans get soiled by normal wear and tear.

Another internet hack recommends putting jeans in the freezer as a way to "freeze" bacteria, cleaning your denim without risking color fade or dye transfer in laundry machines. However, this is only a temporary fix, said Gagliardi.

The ideal way to wash denim involves turning it inside out, which makes sense, given that the inside of your jeans is what sees sweat and natural oils from your skin. However, it's also the best method for keeping your desired color in check.

Denim can and should be washed when needed in a washing machine. If your jeans are not heavily soiled, they can usually be worn more than once between washings to help maintain their color and reduce normal wear and tear.

Once considered basic, durable work attire, jeans now come in a huge range of styles and colors. While you should always check your care instructions before washing or drying jeans, there are a few simple steps that apply to all types of denim.

Exposing your jeans to direct heat in the dryer can shrink, fade or yellow denim, and it can also cause damage to stretch denim fabrics that contain spandex or Lycra. If you need to use a dryer, select a low or no heat cycle and use dryer balls to keep your jeans tumbling. The best way to dry jeans is by hanging them up to air dry:

When it comes to washing white jeans, wash them separately or with other white clothes. Use cold water for a lightly-soiled pair and warm water for more heavily-soiled ones. In addition to using a gentle cycle, choose an extra rinse option to make sure that all detergent is thoroughly removed.

You should avoid using bleach when washing your jeans as it can cause yellowing or damage to the fabric. Fabric softener should also be avoided since it can cling to the fabric and cause a dulling effect. As with other jeans, let them air dry or put them in a low or no heat dryer cycle.

But by making simple changes to the jeans finishing process, Levi's has been able to dramatically reduce the water needed to produce each pair of jeans -- 28 percent on average, and as much as 96 percent in some jeans products.

When the company's spring 2011 product lines hit store shelves next year, the 1.5 million pairs of jeans will have saved 16 million liters of water, and Levi's plans to expand its new finishing techniques to more of its suppliers around the world to expand its Water

At the same time as the new product launch, Levi's is encouraging its customers to also reduce the water used in the care of the jeans. The image below spells out just how much water would be saved if owners washed their jeans every two weeks instead of every week -- more than 80 million liters of water, equivalent to over 13 million toilet flushes.

So why are some companies putting this toxic chemical on your jeans? Formaldehyde and other odour-causing treatments are commonly applied to clothes during the manufacturing process. The aim of this chemical bath is to prevent mold, bacteria, mildew, and other substances that could damage the fabric during storage and shipping. Formaldehyde is also used on some jeans to create wrinkle-free and stain-resistant features.

Have you ever put a box of baking soda in your fridge to absorb odd smells? The same idea can be applied to your clothes. Before washing your jeans normally, soak them in cold water with baking soda dissolved in it. This is a reliable, natural way to combat chemical smells in your clothes.

Just like baking soda and borax, castile soap is a cleaner that uses chemistry to fight chemical odors. All three of these cleaners are on the basic end of the acid-base spectrum. When combined with water, they create a reaction that helps strip odor. Hand wash your new jeans with castile soap for a delicate method of removing odors.

While chlorine bleach is a no-go for your denim, oxygen bleach will work wonders. It gets deep within clothing fibers to cleanse new jeans of chemical smells. Follow the label on your oxygen bleach to create a water solution and soak your jeans for 4 hours. Then, wash them as normal.

A healthy dose of fresh air can alleviate most issues in life. Your smelly new jeans are no exception. Hanging your jeans inside-out in the sunshine is an effective way to reduce and eliminate odors without washing them.

Starting April 6, 2022 Real Rewards by American Eagle & Aerie members are eligible to receive the following benefit at American Eagle Outfitters stores. Earn $10 off a purchase with a pair of full price jeans in a singular qualifying transaction when you donate at least one (1) pair of jeans to Cotton Blue Jeans Go Green. Valid one per customer, total maximum value $10 off per customer. Valid in U.S. stores only, excluding Puerto Rico. For additional details visit:

But beyond the multiple denominations ( have a look at this post), in this post I would like to propose you a survey of the 2023 jeans trends (or, at least some of them: there are so many!).

My son said to me the other day, "What kind of jeans should I buy to go with cowboy boots?" Hmmm? "Cowboy boots?" I thought. He's had a pair of cowboy boots for years. I don't remember ever seeing them on his feet.

Isn't it interesting that we all at some point seek change? I'm not sure that cowboy boots or jeans, and he's not seen Yellowstone to my knowledge, would change anything about who my son really is. After all, it is who we think we are NOT that holds us back.

Remember when the biggest denim decision you had to make was bootcut or straight legged? And since all straight leg jeans were basically slimmer bootcut, you were basically choosing between bootcut and bootcut? Easy peasy.

Dakota Johnson is back in New York to promote her new campaign for lingerie brand Intimissimi and taking advantage of all the city has to offer. Yesterday, she was spotted on the street dressed in one of her trademark SoCal looks which included a pair of jeans with a surprisingly fashion-forward twist.

The group seems like it was built for early success: Two of their members are former models, and one of them was an opera singer. Minji and Hanni were both featured in the BTS "Permission to Dance" music video, as NewJeans and BTS are both groups under entertainment company HYBE. Jessi, a popular solo K-pop artist known for her bluntness, has praised their success. Other big name K-pop stars have also dance-covered some of their most popular songs, "Hype Boy" and "Attention." Even the name NewJeans is a reference to how jeans never go out of style.

I like the organisation of new jeans productions. Instead of having to buy trillions of albums and risk getting double, you just buy each member and you get their photocards. Less waist and less problems. sooooo pretty but the box is easily damaged. But that's not lightupk's fault. 041b061a72


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