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Virtual Girl

Have you enjoyed our virtual Girl Scout opportunities? Click here to tell us what you did and your favorite part of the experience! Your feedback serves as encouragement and guidance as we continue to plan virtual Girl Scout programs.

Virtual Girl

We are offering online, interactive, small group badge workshops for girls as a fun opportunity to engage in the Girl Scout program. The workshops happen at set times and will complete a badge or most of a Journey. (Only the Take Action project will need to be completed after the program.) We will be using online conferencing software to allow for large group discussions, as well as break out sessions, for different tasks. These are not videos to watch- full participation is expected by all participants!

Community Partner Programs We have a growing list of community partners throughout our footprint that offer programming. Visit our community partner page and search for virtual opportunities.

Spend some weekend time with us at one of our awesome virtual weekend programs! Programs will be offered for girls of all ages with a wide variety of activities from crafts to baking to science experiments and fun games. Some events will also include a box of supplies sent directly to your home with everything you will need. If supplies are not provided, you will receive a supply list prior to the event. You can find all program descriptions and registration information at or on our online calendar.

Adventure Awaits Boxes: Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont is introducing two fun ways to compliment your Girl Scout journey, both for girls and adults, that will be delivered to your door monthly! Details for each box, including pricing, found at

Girl Scouts Unplugged: Girl Scouts Unplugged is a FREE, screen-free series for brand new Girl Scouts in grades K-5 that includes 3 months of programming mailed right to your door. This "introduction to Girl Scouts" is a chance for your girl to unplug, learn new things and earn badges at home at her own pace. This series will give her the opportunity to discover Girl Scouts, connect with our program and then take action in making a difference in her community. While the series is free, Girl Scout membership is required to participate. This $25 membership is valid through September 30, 2021 and allows your girl to also participate in our virtual badge and journey workshops, weekend programs at our camp properties, our Juliette program or even transfer to a troop when she is ready. The opportunities are endless with Girl Scouts and there is something for everyone and every schedule. Click here for more information on this program.

Being a Girl Scout means you are part of a community. This community is a place where every girl can be herself and be part of a great network of other girls who all are joined in the spirit of Girl Scouts. While we often think of our Girl Scout community in physical terms like troop meetings and summer camp, it is so much more than that!

Girl Scouts is a vast network of girls that is not tied to any physical location or place; Girl Scouts can be anywhere at any time. This patch is all about exploring what it means to be a Girl Scout in the digital world. You will experience a new or different version of some familiar activities in a virtual environment. Using your devices, you can explore an amazing assortment of activities and experiences without ever having to leave your home.

ByteDance, the parent of the viral short video app TikTok, has been in the hot seat in China, amidst accusations of exploiting the five female employees behind the viral virtual idol group A-SOUL that was launched jointly with its invested arm Yuehua Entertainment in 2020.

Moreover, according to an anonymous source at ByteDance, the average monthly salary paid to the five trainees is between 12,000 and 14,000 RMB ($1,426 and $1,663). Despite the figure being somewhat reasonable, it is reported that their workloads far exceed what they are paid for. Such intense work arrangements have been imposed on these individuals to allow the virtual idols to be active 24/7, ultimately leading to the poor health of the trainees.

Metaverse Entertainment, a subsidiary of game company Netmarble, created different social media accounts announcing the upcoming K-pop girl group along with different teasers. Then on January 11, the four members of the virtual girl group were unveiled.

The group named MAVE: will have four AI members - MARTY:, TYRA:, ZENA:, and SIU: and their group teaser photo was released on this day. The girls are seen exuding a punk rock band vibe wearing black outfits with hints of purple.

With the teaser of the new AI girl group revealed, netizens have mixed reactions. They are expressing a range of reactions across various social media platforms and commented, "Do they really think they can earn profit from them?" "Would there be any meaning to being part of a fandom?" "How are they going to do fan sign events or release songs?" "This is so scary," "How are the members going to be paid? lol," "Wow, this is amazing, they look like real people," and, "I thought they were real people."

Imma has made home in our hearts in such a short span. Could you have ever imagined that you would be looking at pictures posted by a fake virtual girl? Her cute pink hair and a positive attitude towards life are a breath of fresh air and inspire us to live with a little more enthusiasm than we can usually muster. Perhaps this is why we love seeing her in our favorite brand commercials? What do you think of Imma? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you are still trying to figure out what a virtual influencer is, you are forgiven, considering that the influencer marketing landscape continues to grow at such an immense pace. In short, a virtual influencer is a digital character that was created using computer graphics software. This character is then given a personality and will at all times act on social media platforms as if he/she is the influencer.

A study in the US found that 58 percent of respondents were following a virtual influencer at the time, establishing the influencers as a strong force to be reckoned with. According to Christopher Travers, the founder of, virtual influencers can do anything that human influencers can do, but with more control and engagement. As a matter of fact, virtual influencers can offer nearly three times the engagement rates of real influencers. The team at HypeAuditor and worked together to compile a list of the top virtual influencers. Without further ado, let us introduce you to the virtual characters that you are bound to hear a lot more about in the future.

In 2022, Lu do Magalu was the most followed virtual influencer. Currently, she is also the virtual human with the most visibility in the world, making it easy to understand why she would top this list.

Originally from Brazil, Any Malu is a fully animated virtual influencer that is recognized across the globe. She first made her appearance in 2015 and in five years she managed to grow from an idea to a YouTube star to a transmedia experience.

The Brazilian virtual influencer has more than 1 million fans across Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Her videos on YouTube have received more than 280 million views. As a matter of fact, she is one of only a few virtual influencers with their very own TV show. What sets her apart even further is that her TV show is powered by Cartoon Network.

Originally from Paris, France, Bee is the very first influencer bee. He/she first buzzed on to the social media scene in April 2019. The Foundation de France created this loveable virtual influencer to help brands across the globe collect money to help save bees. While his/her Twitter account is quiet, his/her Instagram account is a hive of activity with over 254,000 followers already.

Bermuda is one of the older virtual influencers, though you would never be able to tell that from her appearance. Originally from Los Angeles, she first made her appearance in December, 2016. This it girl, who identifies as a robot woman, aims to motivate young entrepreneurs to go after their business goals. She especially wants to motivate more women to follow careers in the field of robotics.

You might wonder about the appeal behind virtual influencers. In short, using virtual influencers is not a typical approach to influencer marketing yet. Thus, the right digital character can help your brand to stand out among all the other real people who are already using channels like Instagram and TikTok. 350c69d7ab


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