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Idle Ants - Simulator Game: Become a God of the Ants and Rule the Underground

Idle Ants is a simulation game where you command an army of hungry ants collect food. Help them break apart and carry various snacks, fruits, vegetables, meat, and even inedible objects back into the burrow underground. Click, tap or repeatedly press space to make your ants work more efficiently. Upgrade your colony using the three buttons at the bottom of the screen. Boost "Speed" to make your colony work faster, "Workers" to recruit a new ant, and "Strength" to make your ants carry larger pieces. The more you play, the cooler maps and objects you will encounter. Beach, park, classroom, kitchen, carnival, picnic blanket, city square, and more! Can you and your ants visit all of the places Idle Ants has to offer?

Join a bunch of food-gathering ants in a fun simulation game called Idle Ants where you get to experience first-hand the intense life of an ant hill. Are you ready to supply your kind and your huge underground city with the food they need to get through the harsh winter?

idle ants - simulator game


It's time to manage your growing colony of ants as you get them to devour other insects, cookies, hot dogs, and any food left in the middle of a park! Build up your workers to increase their work rate and expand your anthill to build the most amazing underground city imaginable. Spend your earnings to improve your game experience, increase your ant army, improve the speed of your little soldiers, or level up - have a blast!

Idle Ants is a new iOS and Android game where you can watch ants eat various objects, from a leaf all the way up to a Boeing 747, and upgrade them in order to help them eat faster and earn yourself more money. As they eat objects, you can unlock brand new worlds.

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Idle Ants are not recommended for weak stomachs. As the player, you can command an army of ants as they swarm over anything in their way. It may be another insect, or it could be an airplane, or it could even be a police car. A level of suspense that is not typically found in games of this genre is provided by this component, which contributes to the already high degree of fun and entertainment that the game offers.

Idle Ants Mod APK is basically a game which is about ants. Ants are insects which are present on the earth in huge numbers. Everyone has seen them around themselves in the house or outside the house. Ants eat that food that we throw away. Idle Ants Mod APK is a game in which the user has to make sure that Ants complete their missions.

This is the simple and standard version of the game. Idle Ants APK is an arcade game in which the user maintains the ants. The user makes sure indirect the ants to do their different activities. The user helps them to collect their food and how those ants build their house with different items that they collect. This version provides the user many amazing features. This is a very unique cartoon game. The user can use their smart skills to finish their work. You can start the game with one aunt and then you can make the team with other ants.

The modified version of this game allows the users to get unlimited money. The user can collect money by completing different tasks or they can use their money that they get in the modified version to upgrade the ants or upgrade the powers.

Idle Ants Mod APK allows direct and give order to the ants. You can experience the complex mission and activities of the Ants. You will help them to complete their different tasks. You can explore different places in this game like their house or their work activities. All these things will make you mesmerized by how disciplined ants are and how they work. You will definitely enjoy this game once you start your journey to play this.

Idle Ants is a game for you to play the role of ants working hard for food. Humans live on the ground and not everyone knows everything that is going on around them. In the ground, ants are considered powerful creatures. They are always organized and in large numbers. Players will see firsthand how ants work. Sometimes you will find that your discipline is inferior to them. Set foot in new lands with a variety of food and bring home. Idle Ants has a simple gameplay that helps you relieve stress after working time. With the characteristic of hard work, you quickly help the ants fulfil their aspirations.

In the game Idle Ants, ants can operate under the toughest conditions. Players can go to many new lands to explore all kinds of food. On an island, a mountain, a city or somewhere. Please complete the tasks and requirements attached well. Idle Ants allows players to have enjoyable entertainment with ants.

Changing the speed, number and strength make ants work more efficiently. From the money earned when collecting food, players can easily upgrade 3 main options while the game screen is going on. Idle Ants gives players the freedom to unlimited upgrade the entire powerful ant empire. If you want to quickly complete the schedule, you can not ignore this feature.

Are you a fan of building and crafting? Do you like to play in a world full of different animals and objects? If so, then you should play the Idle Ants - Simulator Game. This is a fun simulator game that will keep you occupied for a long time. It is a game that allows you to do a lot of different things. You can eat, for example, you can eat other animals and even the food that you eat.

Both styles can be extremely fun, it just kind of depends on which kind of gamer you are. Some people prefer a clear and defined ending, while others are just playing idle games to get upgrades and tons of points. There is no wrong answer.

Idle Ants lets you dive in straight into the game without any tutorial save for the initial messages to instruct you on the basic goals in your adventure. There is little to no pressure at all involved and you can make progress in the game regardless of how you play it. Once you have launched the game, you will continue to earn idle rewards from it even while you are offline and away from the game.

While Idle Ants actually leaves you with zero chance of failing or losing in the game, there are naturally faster and more efficient ways of progressing through the game and unlock new worlds one after another. If you are eager to see the next set of items to be devoured by your colony of ants in the game, then our Idle Ants guide has everything you need to know to jumpstart your adventure!

As a common feature across idle clicker games is continuous streams of profit that you earn regardless of what you do, a basic strategy that applies to all games within the genre involves keeping them at the minimum as well. Although having a huge reserve of cash is a sight to behold, the more cash you actually keep in stock means the less efficient you are in terms of managing the colony.

The biggest loads of profits in Idle Ants can be earned from idle rewards. Your colony will continue to earn cash while you are away and the amount of cash you earn depends on the upgrades you have invested in as well as the length of time that has passed since you last played the game. Unlike most idle sims that set a limit to the time within which you must log back in to claim idle rewards, your idle earnings in Idle Ants can grow continuously without limits.

One scenario to keep in mind is when you are just a few bucks short of being able to purchase an expensive strength upgrade. Although we recommend always going for the other 2 upgrade options unless you received a huge bulk of cash, being close enough to afford a strength upgrade should be considered as well if you should hold on to your idle cash a bit. In any case, it is a decisive point that depends entirely on you as well as the amount of time you still have to spend on the game.

What typically happens in most idle clicker sim games is that you go through a complete reset whenever you progress enough to transfer into the new, bigger world. Your cash and upgrades reset and you start building up again at a relatively faster rate than the previous world to get back into your former upgrade level faster.

In Idle Ants, moving on to a new world will have you start from the barest upgrade levels at the starting point. You will still have the idle cash you earned from the previous world, and it is easy to notice how fast cash comes in with every chunk of material that your ants bring home to your anthill. Within a much shorter span of time, you will be able to reach upgrade levels to match the one in your previous world and start earning more cash per second.

Idle Ants is one of the highest downloaded ant themed simulator games where you have to acquire different types of ants to eat the stuff as fast as possible. This game provides lots of amazing features like beautiful ants, realistic shapes, attractive foods, fresh challenges, and many other things.

In this game, you have to expand the colony of ants and sanction them to consume the items such as Big Watermelon, Hot Dog, Leaves, Airplanes, and many other bugs. It would help if you focused on supercharging your worker ants that eventually make more money and unlock the new area.

But as we know that, there are dozens of beautiful ants, and challenging levels locked at the starting of the game and require multiple in-app purchases to unlock them. If you want to enjoy all the bonuses without watching ads, you need to spend around $10 from your pocket.

Ants are true masters of secretive, organized, and structured lives in order to become the best ant king. Allow your expanding ant colony to act like gods, devouring other insects, eggs, unusual foods, planes, and more! Allow your army to demolish everything in its path and profit. If you have ever dreamed of starting your own anthill, now you have the opportunity to make your cherished desire come true! Feed your pets, buy new ants, and let your little kingdom grow. The playing field is a sandy surface where ants will run and do their job. They need to eat well and take uneaten food leftovers to a makeshift burrow. To do this, you need to ensure that pets always have access to food. Place the edible in the center and let the ants feast on it. This game is an incredible opportunity to spend your free time in a fun way!


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