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Picture Instruments Preset Converter Pro V1.0.8 Crack | 22.2 MB ~REPACK~

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Picture Instruments Preset Converter Pro v1.0.8 Crack | 22.2 MB

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all presets have a new look in the first place. the preset structure is now optimised for the new look. a new template with full size preview and customisable back text has been added to the default templates. a big list of new preset presets has been added. these presets are compatible with all presets, which also includes the existing presets. the presets can be copied into your user template folder with a few clicks. a new preset for the new look of the product is included in this release.

the preset packs can be copied directly into the user template folder with a few clicks. an user friendly interface has been created which makes it easy to get a quick impression of the preset. a preview of the preset is available at any time, which is especially useful for the users who have not yet found the right preset.

if a particular preset is not available as a capture one preset, it can still be used as a template. in this case, the correction matrix and the color settings are not saved, but the white balance settings, which are replaced by the settings of the most recent preset. if you have not yet found the right template, the preset converter will create a new template for you at any time.


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