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Emanuel Law Outlines For Property Book Pdf

"Read and get books click =0314286063 Gilbert Law Summary on Property (Gilbert Law Summaries)The subjects discussed in this outline are possession (including wild animals, bailments, and adverse possession), gifts and sales of personal property, freehold possessory estates, and future interests (including reversion, possibility of reverter, right of entry, executory interests, and rule against perpetuities). Also included are tenancy in common, joint tenancy, and tenancy by the entirety, condominiums, cooperatives, marital property, landlord and tenant, and easements and covenants. This outline also covers nuisance, rights in airspace and water, right to support, zoning, eminent domain, sale of land (including mortgage, deed, and warranties of title), and methods of title assurance"

Emanuel Law Outlines for Property book pdf

John Copeland Nagle KF560 .Z9 N34 2014 Questions & Answers Series Good for: Exam Preparation Containing only practice questions, this book is very simple and straightforward. It is divided into ten broad topics of property law containing both short answer and objective questions, ranging from 10 to 20 questions each topic. Lastly, there are 50 final exam questions in short answer and objective form. The Q&A is a great way to test your knowledge and sharpen your understanding of the law leading up to an exam.

Steven L. Emanuel KF561 .E47 2012 Emanuel Law Outlines Good for: Outlining, Exam Preparation The Emanuel outline is comprehensive in its review of property law. There is a capsule summary at the beginning, with just the essentials you may want on an outline. It describes the rules and concepts in outline form, and includes important cases. There are short-answer quizzes, and exam tips at the end of each chapter. The tables and charts throughout the book are really helpful for complicated rules. And, at the end, there are 25 multi-state style exam questions and three essay style questions to help you prepare for the exam.

James Charles Smith KF561 .S627 2015 Glannon Guides Good for: Understanding Concepts, Exam Preparation The Glannon Guide is similar to the Examples & Explanations, but with less depth or discussion of cases. It gives you a broader summary of the rules and concepts of property. Each chapter has specific sections that will spell out the rules and relevant cases. There is an objective style question following each section, and the book gives a detailed analytical answer, using the rules and cases described (there are also 15 broader practice questions at the end). I recommend this guide if you are looking for a broad overview, and a few practice questions to test yourself on specific subjects.

Roger Bernhardt, and Ann M. Burkhart KF570 .Z9 B46 2012 (and online) Black Letter Outlines Good for: Outlining, Exam Preparation The Black Letter outlines provide a comprehensive overview of property law in an outline format. There is a capsule summary at the beginning which would be helpful to review in the week before your exam. The rest of the study aid is a more extensive outline with helpful examples throughout and review questions at the end of each subject. There are 23 objective exam-style questions and three issue-spotter essay questions at the end. This book might be helpful for exam preparation, but is most helpful for making your outline.

Paula Franzese KF570 .Z9 F728 2012 (and online) Short & Happy Law Series Good for: Understanding Concepts In fewer than 150 pages, this book condenses property law into its most basic form. It presents the material in a simple and clear fashion, and provides helpful examples throughout. There are also some charts and useful memory devices to make things easier to comprehend: such as adverse possession, and estates in land. The Short & Happy books don't go in-depth, or discuss important cases, so it's best used to help your knowledge of property, and for reviewing leading up to your exam.


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