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iPhone Backup Extractor Pro 6 64: Support for iOS16, iPhone14 and All Types of Data

the iphone backup will be in the c:/users/ user name /appdata/local/mobilebackup/backups.backupdb/date folder. if you want to start over, you can delete the backup and itunes will create a new one. the iphone backup will be in the c:/users/ user name /appdata/local/mobilebackup/backups.

iphone backup extractor pro 6 64

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hi there, i currently have a mac, and i'm having trouble backing up my iphone to itunes for backup purposes. i have tried all sorts of things, but nothing has worked so far. i can't seem to get it to work. i have tried the app "backup and restore" but it doesn't work for some reason. i have tried backing up via icloud, but i have not been able to download the app via icloud. it's either an error, or i just can't download it, i'm not sure. i have tried deleting, or moving the files around to make sure the backup files are in the correct spot, but it never works. if anyone has any suggestions or can help with the problem, please do. thanks!

i have a macbook pro 15 with 16gb of space on the ssd and i have an iphone 6 with 64gb of space. should i allow more space to the macbook pro? if you guys have any suggestions, please help. i need to get it up and running so i can restore my iphone 6.

does anyone know how to backup and restore ios devices? i am having trouble doing this on my macbook pro. i tried using a program called backkup and restore but it seems to only backup the phone and it is not able to restore it. any help would be appreciated.

how do i backup my iphone 6 to my macbook pro? i have tried the "backup and restore" app from itunes, and it does not work. i have also tried to backup my iphone 6 to icloud and then restore it, but it does not seem to work.


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