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Infectious Smile

Infectious Smile -

Infectious Smile

By and large we are creatures of habit, and I hope you will give some thought to what I am saying. If a wide, natural smile is not on your face, at least some of the time, begin to practice on family members, co-workers and those you encounter each day. You will find that good things will begin to happen in your life.

Along these lines, a while back my wife Janis told me an interesting story. When she was a young child, a new female student enrolled in their school and she found herself sitting in the desk next to the new student. She said that first day she gave her a big smile, introduced herself and welcomed her to her new school. That small act of kindness began a friendship that has lasted more than 65 years. She reminded Janis for the first time only a few months ago of how much, at the time, this meant to her.

Smilers are humans who had been infected. They have a red name tag and mostly wear a Winning Smile. Humans turn into Smilers if they have their health drained by a smiler, or touch infecting light(white neon blocks with winning smiles emitting from them). Smilers will die if they come into contact with depressing light(orange transparent blocks), run out of health from being harmed by weapons, enemies, or hazards, falling into pits, touching lava, or just simply resetting. The only known way to cure a smiler is for one to make contact with the water in the Swamp of Sadness. Doing so will turn the Smiler back into a human.

The goal of a smiler is to infect everyone on a server. This can be done by latching onto humans, draining their health bar. If the health bar reaches zero, they will rub their face and turn into a Smiler, the former human will no longer be able to use any items obtained with the exception of potions. This process can be halted if the infected smiler gets attacked, stunning it and giving time for the captured human to flee. They will also let go if the human has a knife and stabs them. Upon becoming a Smiler, they will be given a protest sign with a chance of also recieving tasers, speed potions, or jump potions. They might also become an Overseer Smiler on rare occasions.

Smilers will also be endangered if there are less than around 20% smilers are on the server. When this happens, a message will appear in red stating "You are endangered..." and the Smiler will be given increased health and regeneration along with a red aura. The Smiler will no longer be endangered if more than 20% of players on the server are Smilers.

Destiny Jackson, 20, was remembered as a person who "loved so easily and forgave so easily" an had an "amazing heart," and Nazirah Muhammad, 19, was remembered for her "infectious smile" and as a "happy person who would make everyone laugh," according to a statement from the Hobart police.

I recently was attempting to describe someone's smile. I wanted to describe it as being very 'infectious', or that it spreads very quickly and is contagious. However, as hard as I could try, I could only come up with words that have to do with infections or words that have a negative connotation.

"Contagious smile" and "infectious smiles" are very strong collocations which have a positive connotation. I don't think we really have much choice but to use these expressions when describing an amazing smile that makes others smile, too.

I've been begging for a genuine smile from Daniel. Today my daughter Christine sent me some photos in an email. Now that's a genuine smile and it's catchy because it has caused me to smile the biggest smile of all. Thanks Christine.

Tutor and friend Vicki Burketta called it "the Found way" and said Caroline not only inherited but embraced the joy of putting others first. She wanted to be happy, and she wanted those around her to be happy. So she smiled. She smiled a lot.

"Who do I get to see today" That meant anybody and everybody gave her the opportunity to make new friends, to smile, to share her non-stop world. Junior high teacher Scott Jespersen said Caroline understood how fortunate she was to have the kind of family she had, so she wanted to do things for others so they could share that feeling of belonging to something special.

"All I can say is that he was an incredible kid, and I wish that all the kids that followed behind him were as nice and respectful like he was," Lowe said. "I miss him and I think about him on the regular, with that bright smile."

"From his impeccable manners to his infectious smile, Khalid will be deeply missed by his peers, staff and the families of Park Hill." The page, authored by the Park Hill Community, also sheds light on Khalid's academic prowess and endearing desire to throw himself into any and all activities. 59ce067264


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