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[S2E6] Mommy Issues

Bonnie thought maybe what they'd covered was getting to Madeline. I don't think she has any regret that Perry is dead, but she does have deep issues with keeping things from Ed at a time she wants to save her marriage and fully love Ed.

[S2E6] Mommy Issues

Dr. Thredson tells his captive Lana about his past; he is an orphan with abandonment issues, who relates the first corpse he skinned, a woman who resembled his birth mother, but decided to only skin living women afterwards due to the odor of formaldehyde. He treats Lana as a maternal figure, something Lana goes along with. While Thredson takes a phone call from Kit, who enrages him by calling him a liar, Lana attempts to escape. Thredson finds out and prepares to kill her, but Lana stops him by acting as a mother figure.

Skyler calls Gretchen to offer her a belated thanks for paying Walt's medical bills. A confused Gretchen starts to respond but can't find the words. When Skyler says that they should get together sometime, Gretchen proposes a visit that afternoon. Meanwhile, Walt returns to his teaching job. The school's assistant principal, Carmen Molina, sits in on his lecture, telling him afterwards that he should come to her if he ever has any "issues." At the end of the day, Walt heads to his car with Junior, where he finds one of his "Missing" posters stuck on the windshield. A student has defaced the poster so it now reads, "I'm MISSING My Pants!"

The next day, Victoria and Albert agree to forget all about the legitimate issues that exist between them 'cause Lil Vicki catches a fever and almost dies. Good for them, I guess, but they should probably go to couples' therapy at some point? 041b061a72


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